Faces of The Moving Year : Split w/ Ostraca

by Flesh Born

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Purchase: www.skeletallightning.net/collections/flesh-born-ostraca

Co-release by Skeletal Lightning and I.CORRUPT.RECORDS
Both sides recorded/mixed/mastered by Michael Briggs at Civil Recording in Denton, TX

Thank you.


released February 17, 2017


tags: dfw punk Denton


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Flesh Born Denton, Texas

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Track Name: Unredeemable
I can smell the shit in our mouths. I can see the filth in our head. I hope we choke on our own fucking tongues. As we fall to our knees, pleading for air I hope we realize how futile our lives have been and if our lungs refill, I hope every new breath reminds us that our bigoted minds are worthless.
Track Name: Many Ports
Lock me up. Two decades complicit in this torture. I am negative. A cog in the wheel of destruction. A stupid animal. A worthless animal. A useless animal, like no other animal we know. The only animal that will surely destroy the hand that feeds it.
Track Name: Of The Same Earth
Words weigh nothing, and I can finally listen to everything I misheard. Here, away from the blight I see us all for what we are. The earth's biggest mistake. All wrong.
Track Name: Existence, Our Exile
I sink further into the ground as the dirt fills my lungs. It covers my eyes and blocks the horror I've left behind. I give my body, the only thing left to do. My veins burst out, growing deeper and deeper. Finally I return to nothing.
Track Name: Nothingness, Our Home
Sleep is so sweet buried deep down, never found. Decay, feed, and regrow. breathe through the leaves. speak through the wind. see through their eyes. Live through it all.